A Walk through Mussoorie

A spare day in Dehradun last year was the perfect chance to visit Mussoorie, one of the places I'd always wanted to go to. Though this was an extremely rushed visit (we had just about 6 hours to spend in this pretty place that deserved many more days), tried to make most of the time.

The drive from Dehradun uphill was a very pleasant one, through the valley. Our cabbie was an old man, with an experience of driving through the length and breadth of the country. Listening to his various tales was wonderful, as was driving up those beautiful winding roads typical of any hill station.

On reaching Mussoorie, he dropped as at the Mall Road, and we had about 5-6 hours to ourselves.
We just decided to walk around for sometime taking in the beautiful views of the hills, and rest whenever we felt like at the strategically placed pretty wrought iron benches, lending an old world charm to the place.

We came upon the cable car station to go up Gun Hill, second highest point of the place. Going up by cable car was nice, coming down was nicer, the panoramic view was breathtaking. 

And the view from Gun Hill of the snow capped Himalayan ranges left me spellbound.

The long walk left us hungry; I had read about this place called 'Lovely Omelette Centre', that many reviews claimed, served the best omelette in India. It is a tiny, hole-in-the-wall place, frequented by school kids who study in one of the many the boarding schools in Mussoorie. The omelette was tasty alright, but what added to the charm was the four young fellows from a nearby school and their continuous chatter.

The next stop was for some dessert, and for Dad to catch up on how India was faring against the Aussies in a test match; we stopped by at another much acclaimed place, Chick Chocolate. 
The moment we entered, the neatly stacked piles and piles of goodies along the racks plus the wafting smell of chocolate, and the decor (complete with a picture of the Joker) caught our attention. The signature chocolates, waffles, shakes etc. were all lovely.

And too soon, it was time for us to go back; we left Mussoorie hoping to be back again sometime, with more days to spare..


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