A Day at the Zoo!

Mysore zoo, to be precise, Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, is one spot almost everyone in Karnataka would have visited as a kid. However, to some of us, this place continues to beckon well past childhood. It is one of the oldest zoos in the country, established in 1892 by His Highness, Sri Chamarajendra Wadiyar.

Located in the heart of Mysore city, the greenery is awesome, and the temperature inside is quite cool. Various varieties of flowers and trees, labelled, are to be found in addition to large bamboo bushes.

Though personally, I wouldn't advocate holding animals and birds captive in small enclosures or cages, I have to admit the animals here looked quite well fed and nourished. Most of them were in a playful mood.
We first passed by the Macaws, Peacocks, Sarus Cranes etc. A very intelligent parrot was uncannily imitating anyone who dared challenge it, and it was quite amusing.

The tigers were the best part of the zoo. A lazy one lying on a cement platform struck various poses, looking quite regal. A white tiger was walking about in the moat, growling continuously, and we were forcibly reminded of the unfortunate incident of the Delhi zoo. And yet another one was happily splashing away in the moat. The signboard told us they were cubs of Manya and Brahma.

I loved the Cheetah; the pattern on his body was so beautiful. We saw a variety of deer as well; the blackbucks were petite and graceful.

If the tigers were regal, the lions were no less. The pair of lions looked royal too. The lioness quietly watched as her man walked about continuosly. 

We had just two hours to cover the entire place as we entered the zoo at about four o'clock in the evening. Hence by the time we reached the bird encosure, most of them were snoozing. And the evening light on the giraffes didn't quite look nice either.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening spent amidst the serene green surroundings and the beautiful animals and birds!


  1. Lost in the wild!! These Pictures brought a sparkle to my eyes and quite a few nostalgic smiles!

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