Chauti (Ganesh Chaturti)

Chauti time is always a lot of fun. It's been one of my favorite festivals celebrated. 
Come Chauti, the whole city wears a festive look. This year, I took time out to visit the Central Market, to catch the early morning rush.

The famous Mangaluru Mallige variety of jasmine; that sells anywhere between Rs. 800-1200 on such occasions.

Ah, they thought I'm a news reporter and posed for me.
Many celebrate by bringing home an idol of Lord Ganesh. A number of special delicacies are cooked. In my family, the celebrations are held at my ancestral village, where the whole family gathers. We don't have the practise of worshiping an idol; symbolic representations of Ganeshji are made with sugarcanes, flowers and coconuts, and naivedyam is offered, which is then given to the youngest members of the family. I remember, as kids, how we used to clamour for it!
                     Naivedyam offered to Ganeshji.                                 
Offering to the spirits (about which I'd written about in an earlier post, Of Daivas & Spirits)
Patholi, the signature dish for Chauti, steamed in turmeric leaves.
Appo, another special dish. 

The quintessential mark of any GSB meal, rice with Dalitoy, Chane Ghashi and Pathrado!
In addition to the celebrations, for me a visit to my village is also a chance to visit our rice fields, looking fresh and glorious in the monsoon months of August-September.
When the clouds make way for some bright sunshine, the view is very pretty, and makes for some neat shots as well.

Baby rice!
The mad kitten that decided to make the chulha her home.