Fountainhas, the Jewel of Panaji!

Fountainhas is a quaint little part of the capital city of Goa, Panaji. When you cross the Old Patto Bridge over the Ourem Creek and enter this part of town, you suddenly feel as though you've time-travelled into Goa's Portuguese past. 

You can find people trying to catch a fish or two for supper

The concept of Susegad hits you right on the face, and hard! As the Sunday Times once wrote- "Goa is South Asia's Latin Quarter, indulgent, tolerant, capricious, steeped in a tropical lassitude and wedded to the sea".

Afonso guest house

The beautifully maintained houses and buildings are painted in bright sunshine colors. Taking a walk around is quite very refreshing. You will be stopped by a friendly passerby or two, be asked where you're from. and when they realise you speak Konkani in a different accent, be very happy to offer tips and guidance.

The prettiest board of a clinic that I've seen

The narrow alleyways beckon me in as I walk around, not getting enough of the pretty sights.

I have already decided, on my next visit to Goa, this will be where I'll be staying, soaking in the delights Fountainhas has to offer!


  1. The neighborhood is indeed very atmospheric. I stayed at the Panjim Inn - a 150 year old Portuguese mansion converted to a hotel by the Welcomgroup. Fantastic period furniture. Also walk up to the fountain that gives the place its name.

  2. That's nice. Isn't one of the pictures on this page of Panjim Inn itself? Lovely area to spend lazy evenings :)

  3. You have captured the ambiance beautifully. Surely on my must visit list now, thank you!

    1. Thank you magiceye! One must definitely walk around this part of Panjim city :)


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