PRAWN HINGA-UDDA/HOOMAN, the Quintessential Konkani dish!

Writing the previous post made me drool, over and over again. Recently we made this usual prawn curry (called "hooman/human in Konkani) at home which turned out quite good (ahem!). So I thought why not put it up here. For a change I had even remembered to take a few pictures at every step.
No, this won't turn into a food blog for the simple reason that I don't know enough things to make as yet. However a few things we love will be put up here, and what better than this simple, tasty dish to begin with! So here goes:

What you need: 
*Fresh prawn, cleaned and de-veined (mixed with a little turmeric powder, not too much)
*For the Masala: Ground coconut ~one whole, Chillies ~ about 25, a nice big lump of Tamarind
*Hing (Asafoetida) mixed well in water (alternatively hing powder can be used, but the flavor is just not the same); and yeah, since this curry itself is named after hing, you need to add in a little more than what you usually do.
*Coconut oil ~ 1 spoon
*Raw Mango ~few bits (optional)

Masala: Grind the three basic ingredients together into a fine paste. The masala should be spicy and tangy. (You can add a few byadgi chillies for a little extra color; if you're adding raw mango, then reduce the amount of tamarind)

Dig out that earthen vessel ("kullein") from the store room. Heat prawn with a little water till it slightly changes color, with salt.

Now add the masala and bring to a boil, continue heating it on a low flame till the prawns are cooked well. Add the raw mango bits at this stage itself for the extra flavor. Once it's cooked, add the hing water and mix; add one spoon of coconut oil at the end (optional again, but then the aroma is lovely).

That's it! It's that simple. Best enjoyed with some hot par-boiled rice, and fried fish/prawn.

A king-size meal at home

Bon App├ętit

*Snippet: The curry by the same name served in Mum's Kitchen, Panjim is so remarkably similar except for the addition of bits of onion! No wonder this recipe is preserved even after 400-odd years of migration of the Saraswats from Goa, it's so tasty after all!


  1. Loved it !! Awesome one prinks, Keep posting more :) This one's perfect for beginners as every step is explained in detail :)


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