DEEPAVALI CHEER - The Week That Was!

It's over. The time of the year many of us look forward to the most is over. And we have to wait a whole year for it again.

The Diwali week has been such a good break from the routine monotony. Meeting relatives, friends and having a great time together. Lots and lots of fish, sweets and chocolates. Doing up the house and trying to add that extra sheen to the old brass stuff. Painting and re-painting diyas, till you're satisfied with the color. Rangolis on the doorstep to welcome the Goddess home. Giving away sweets and shagun. Whew, it's been quite tiring, no doubt. But the effort was every bit worth it.

Sharing here are a few best pictures from the week that was. 

Flower & Diya Art

I love making floral patterns more than those with artificial color powders. Unlike last year, I used only marigolds and chrysanthemums this time, to make simple patterns, different ones each day. The diyas were painted green and cream, thus setting a good contrast against the bright orange and yellow. Sharing a few pictures here.

I tried a few different designs and angles too!


It simply does not feel like Deepavali if there aren't any crackers burst. I didn't myself burst any, but we had a very good time with the neighbourhood kids. The usual fights that happen over who got to burst more crackers, did leave me a little nostalgic.


And finally, no post of mine can be considered truly complete without at-least a mention of food. So here's what the pre-Diwali lunch looked like.


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