Thank You!

I realised today that the number of 'hits' on my blog crossed 10k. Now, that's not a very big number one might say. But when I started this space about two-and-a-half years ago, I never thought it would last this long. Like many other interests of mine, that Dad refers to as "soda-bottle spirit" types- meaning the initial fizz lasts and then it's gone- I thought this blog would go the same way too! 
I was highly sceptical about who would want to read simple travel experiences and other random stuff that would be put up. Thanks to strong words of encouragement from friends, I continued to write. And I'm happy to have done so. Writing gives that sense of freedom that probably nothing else does. And when someone reads it, and offers some kind of critique, it's all the more wonderful.
So, a BIG Thank You to those of you who follow this space! 

I leave you with a lovely rendition of 'Kashmir' and the theme of the Pirates of the Caribbean series (He's a Pirate), by the acclaimed violinist, David Garrett, a magician with the instrument. 


He's a Pirate