Midweek Blues- It's Still Okay!

This is a short take on the day that was today, something that finally made me say- Aaj ka din hi kharaab hai! 

December does not seem to mean anything to Mangalore, and it is still as hot as ever. Not that we ever had anything that we could call winter, but then the temperatures would drop just a wee bit little in the past. This year it just looks and feels like summer has arrived directly after the monsoons.
Anyway, my day today begins the same way as it usually does. I reach the workplace, and realise the work that I'd been putting off all this while has to be done soon, the deadline is just two weeks away! So I get going straight away without my usual morning ritual of writing in my journal or reading a page or two of the Business Sutra (I usually reach the workplace well before time to make time for this). The entire morning I'm occupied with the headphones plugged in playing classical music to keep the head calm, punching away onto the poor keyboard trying to complete the document before Christmas. 

Before I know it,  it is time for lunch; happy with the progress I've made since morning, I leave office to get home for lunch. The traffic looks a little bad and I wonder if I should just grab a quick bite from somewhere close by. I decide against, and take an autorickshaw home. The driver for some inexplicable reason decides to avoid the usual short-cut and takes the main road. It is pure chaos. No vehicle seems to be moving. It is noon and the sun is blazing. The rickshaw inches forward very very slowly. I look at my watch, twenty minutes have lapsed by and there isn't much progress. Worse, it's a one way and I can't even tell him to turn back. I finally reach home. The distance normally is covered in about 8-10 minutes, and today it's taken 30 minutes!

I approach the lounge of the apartment where I stay, and the watchman tells me the elevator has just stopped working. With great difficulty I don't react rudely (it's not his fault after all), and just drag myself up. By the time I reach home, the hunger pangs have increased and I can't wait to have lunch. As the front door opens a wonderful garlicky aroma greets me, and I rush to the kitchen to see what it is that smells so good. Lo! KARELA! Need I say more! I silently eat lunch. 

And that is when I remember this phrase- It's Still Okay


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