Kaniyoor Mutt, Udupi

Udupi has become a popular pilgrim-destination over the years, and people also find it to be a useful base to undertake short trips to other pilgrim spots like Kollur, Shringeri, etc. In Udupi town, apart from the famous Krishna Mutt, the other Mutts are worth a visit each. Last January we were in Udupi for an official purpose, but we had some time to spare ad we walked a bit around Carstreet area. The annual paryaya (wherein the administrative and spiritual head of the temple is passed on from one seer to the other, distributed among the eight Mutts of Udupi) had just taken place and the entire area was very beautifully done up. The paryaya had been given to the head pontiff of the Kaniyoor Mutt that year. 

The entrance of the Kaniyoor Mutt looked quite inviting and we went in. Initially there was no one around, not even a priest. For a moment we wondered if we were actually allowed to be there. The wood work inside was very beautiful. The glass lights are those we rarely see these days. The insides were painted in rich earthy hues, and the sunlight filtering in made everything appear quite regal. It was quite cool inside and we spent a long time there. Too bad there wasn't anyone around to ask and learn a bit about the place. Nevertheless we made the most of our time there. Sharing a few pictures here.
Beautifully painted entrance
Sanctum Sanctorum

Have you been to this place? What are your memories that you'd like to share?


  1. Looks like a beautiful place. I crossed Udupi to go to Byndoor this year. But had no idea about the religious places!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mridula! Maybe on your next trip to this part of the country, you could spare a day or two for Udupi and around.


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