PANDEYMONIUM, by Piyush Pandey

I've always loved watching ads more than the actual programme being aired; many a times I would watch TV just to wait for creative or funny ads. So when Piyush Pandey decided to write about himself and released his autobiography, I bought it immediately. I finally got round to reading it now. And I have one word for it: wonderful.

The writing is very simple, and seems to come straight from the heart. Things are put forth in such simple yet a sleek manner, you can almost imagine Pandey talking directly to you! The book is dotted with anecdotes from his life. Right from his childhood days growing up with his eight other siblings, to how the family is still very close knit. He even refers to his family as his own personal 'Google', serving the very same purpose that Google does for us. He even urges us to build our own Google!

He talks about his inspirations behind many of his popular ads. How different people we come in contact with can teach us so many things. How creativity can be present in anyone, even a cobbler or a carpenter. It all depends on us, how well we learn to pick up things. Every ad that's come out of Ogilvy during his tenure there has been described, including the story and motivation behind the creation of the ad. And credit has been given where it's due, a very important lesson that anyone in any field can take. The narration is slow and steady, and hence the book is not a page-turner. 

*One may find it a self-congratulatory journal written by the ad-guru
*Ultimately, it is less about himself and more about every ad he's created/helped create

Rating: 7.5/10

Final word: Read it if advertising remotely interests you, else give it a skip.

(Picture taken, and the book bought, from here.)