Park Street ~ A Glimpse of Calcutta IV

During our longish trip to Kolkata, we spent every alternate evening here at Park Street. We liked this area the most of all the places we went to in Kolkata. Oxford Book Store is a fantastic place to get lost amidst books, and a must visit for a book-lover. One can also pick up souvenirs to take back home (mind you, it's a little pricey).
We also had at least one meal a day in any of the restaurants that dot the street. Our favorite one was Bar-B-Q; the food, service and the ambiance were all very good. We particularly loved the usual clear soup here, which was always fresh and served piping hot. 
A curio
We liked Peter Cat too, the highly recommended chelo kebab was quite good, and was served with lots of butter. For the uninitiated, this is a full meal complete with chicken kebabs, seekh kebabs, grilled vegetales, and rice. Perfect for lunch following a long walk. However when we went back a second time, the service was bad and the waiter was quite rude, which put us off and we didn't go there after that. 

Flurys was another place we kept going to. It was the month of Advent leading up to Christmas, and the place was very beautifully done up. We loved stopping for brunch or for a quick dessert post-dinner here. I didn't like their ice cream much though. 

Have you been to Park Street? Do you like it too? If so, what's your favorite bit about the place?


  1. I think I have, but I hardly remember anything because Kol trips were always for work and busy ones... but I do remember eating at one of the restaurants there... :-)
    This is a delightful post :-) Thanks for sharing Piyu :-)
    Cheers, Archana -

    1. Thank you so much Archana! Mine would've been a rushed visit too, but for a cancelled Sikkim trip, that left us with ample time to spend in Kol! :)

  2. It would be nice if you could post bigger pics

  3. Great write up. I am from kolkata and definitely Park Street is the place if you want to enjoy the choicest of food.

    - Abhishek.


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