Shadow Art

This is another series I begin (not sure how long it'll last), starting today, labelled 'Midweek Motifs'. Oh the midweek blues! If a graph of one's general happiness is plotted against the days of the week, this point's got to be the nadir! Last Sunday seems SO far away, and the coming weekend looks SO distant. Posts under this label will either be short reflections or thoughts, throwback stuff, or simply some images which I like.

Images for the day are the following two, shot in my village during the monsoon.

EXIF: 48.0mm; f/7.1; 1/125s; ISO 125

EXIF: 55.0mm; f/6.3; 1/125s; ISO 125

Colocasia leaves are considered a local delicacy, and various dishes are made from these. Many of these dishes are key components of festive meals, such as Ganesh Chaturti or Janmashtami, or any other festival celebrated during the monsoons, which is when these plants grow in abundance. 

I shot this picture while waiting for a pooja to be conducted. The entire family was together, which meant there was a lot of chatter and gossip flying around. I managed to slowly skulk away into the dense vegetation surrounding the area with my little cousin, and this caught his eye, the sunlight playing beautiful tricks on the leaves, fresh from showers the previous night.


  1. that is really cool :)

  2. Colocasia leaves are used to make Bhajiya in central-India as well. And I love them as an indoor plant for my home. Good that you sneaked out and took this lovely captures. Those shadows are inspiring me to get started up with some illustrations. Loved to be here Piyu... again :)

    1. Thank you so much Tara for your kind words! These are indeed good ones to grow as indoor plants, very non-fussy, yet pretty :)


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