To Paint Everything RED!

Well, beginning to write on this topic itself evokes strong emotions. It's because there is not one but many lost interests and hobbies. Probably I got too busy? Nah. I believe if one really wants to do something, no matter how busy one is, he/she can still find time for it. It's the convenience of the excuse 'too busy' that one more often uses to disguise one's inability to do something. 

Well for me, the thing I miss the most is painting. As a kid and then a high school goer, I loved painting. Every year during the vacations I would head to the shop selling clay articles- jugs, small pots, etc. and bring them home. I would paint them, and re-paint them till I was satisfied. Too bad when we shifted homes, we had to leave all of it ('junk' as it was referred to) behind. I liked painting on glass too, and on cloth. I remember painting a big number 5 on the back of a tee, as 5 was what Rahul Dravid wore on his back too! Table cloths at home would carry tiny floral designs. 

Then came college, and the associated baggage. Peer pressure, pressure to keep up with the gruelling lessons, pressure of days that began at seven in the morning in the coaching centre and ended at eight in the night, again in the coaching centre, with college thrown in between, pressure to get a decent rank in the common entrance test (CET) so as to secure a place in a good medical school. Thankfully all the hard work paid off well. At the expense of creativity.

The other habit that I'd almost lost but have thankfully managed to re-start is to read. For all these years reading only meant sitting with books weighing 2-3 kgs on the lap (medical textbooks).  When I'd spot someone engrossed and lost inside a book, I'd feel so envious- it felt like I had totally lost that ability. Now I've begun reading again, though not as voraciously as before. I now manage about two books a month, something I still consider an achievement since till very recently it would be two books a year!

So the plans for the coming year involve both these. To re-start the lost hobby of painting, and to read more. I plan to take classes on charcoal painting and nib painting too. Let's see how it goes!

I'd like to wish each one of you who stops by here, a very happy prosperous new year 2016! 

This post is written on the theme- What is that one passion which you would love to restart in your life again? #lostpassion


  1. That's creative and I too love painting but never get time for that. Hope to see you works though, do share them:)

    Read my take on this topic too and share your views >>

    1. So true Amreen. We get so busy with the mundane, we tend to neglect little things that make us happy! Your post on the topic is so apt!

  2. Very true Priyanka.. Wonderful creativity... Keep up the same spirit... Hats off... Kudos..


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