Why Blogging?

Around the final year of college I had developed an interest in clicking photographs. And the only outlet at that time I had was FB, which meant I would literally flood FB with photographs. People would appreciate with the ritualistic 'likes' and 'comments', and the cycle would repeat. But somewhere somehow I didn't feel right. The nagging feeling was always there, was I boring people with too many photos? This was when I finally decided to sign up on 'Blogger', which I did, but didn't write my first post till many years after that.

Following a wonderful trip to Haridwar, I not only had hundreds of photographs, but also many many memories and experiences which I felt like sharing, and FB was definitely not the platform. This is when I finally wrote the first post, which I still feel is my best. Now I had to decided what to name it. First dilemma. After thinking a lot, I decided to go with the first one that I'd though of- Here, There, and Everywhere. Appreciation from family and friends followed, and encouraged, I continued writing albeit not very frequently. Soon after that the ritual of invoking of spirits- Bhootha Kola- was held in my village, about which I wanted to write too, but the blog was meant only for travel. Second dilemma. I decided to write here itself. Posts followed thereafter, with a sprinkling of book reviews, photographs, etc., but not very often. Post-graduation is not something that gives one a lot of free time, and when it does, all you'd do is sleep! 

From the last couple of months, I have begun writing more frequently, and Indiblogger has been a major factor. Coming across so many blogs, each one as unique and wonderful, has been very inspring. And when people read and offer critique, it really really goes a long way. It has also helped me connect with many like-minded people. Reading posts written across a host of topics has also helped broaden my perspectives of various things, not to mention increase my knowledge tremendously! Planning trips and travels has never been easier, after all these are true experiences and tried-and-tested travel hacks, not some travel agents' website trying to make everything look too-good-to-be-true! And I try to do my bit by writing about our experiences as well, to be of help to someone else.

So, a heartfelt thank you, to each and every one of you who ever stops by here. Thank you to each one who offers feedback on posts. Hopefully I'd continue to write as often as possible. If not for anything, this is a wonderful way to express oneself, and a great way to 'chill'! :)


  1. Such a heartfelt post... keep writing and keep shining :-)

    1. Thank you Archana, just baby steps in the Blogosphere so far! :)

  2. Your thoughts matched exactly with me in this case, blogging is surely a different thing than Facebooking and Tweeting. It's the perfect way to display what you want to with others. Felt good to read your experience. Keep it up!

  3. Keep 'em coming. There is nothing more therapeutic than doing something creative everyday. Power to your pen; continue blogging :)

    1. Thank you Bhavani, your encouragement has always been tremendous.


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