Bhootha Kola: A Snapshot

Sharing an old photograph of an ancient ritual of this part of the country, called Bhootha Kola, which refers to Spirit Worship. I'd written a detailed article (Of Daivas and Spirits) earlier on this subject. Why I'm sharing this old picture now is, starting today, the next three days will be filled with similar rituals at my village in my ancestral home. People question if I believe in all this; well, for me it is more about the culture of Canara than anything else, than the mere thought of 'believing' in it. We have taken up the responsibility of arranging this part of the function; here's to hoping everything goes as planned. The last month entirely has been devoted to arranging things and getting stuff ready, right from hardware to the artists, etc.

CLICK HERE to read the earlier elaborate post on spirit worship.

(This is also the photograph that was picked up without permission from my blog and used in an online Kannada publication. Although I frankly wouldn't mind sharing any photo, it would really have been nice of them to ask, or at-least have the courtesy to reply to the mail I sent the editor on discovering this picture on their site. CLICK HERE to see the Kannada article)


  1. I didn't know about this... thanks for sharing dear :-)
    Cheers, Archana -

    1. Thanks Archana! The next few posts will be detailed ones on this.

  2. Sue them.
    It is indeed a great capture.

  3. Superbly captured!!

    Piracy unfortunaely is rampant on the internet

  4. I too believe in culture and such rituals are a part of it. Sorry to hear about plagiarism. You should ask them to credit your work.

  5. They don't even give credits.

  6. Great post regarding our Tulunadu culture Priyanka! Good one, loved the pic.

    1. Thank you Sims. I'll post an eleven-part series on a kola that we organised recently.


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