"Why is she tied up?", I ask.
"...'Cos if we let her loose, she'll prance around maniacally. A neighbour's calf even fell into an empty well once, and was rescued with great difficulty", they say.

Sharing pictures of a three-day old calf of my Grand Aunt's cow. A lovely lively being, she liked being caressed and took great pleasure in licking my hand. It was a unique experience being licked by a calf, quite ticklish too! One of the best parts about her was the little shock of white hair on her forehead. And her ability to recognise my Grand Aunt's voice within three days of birth, who even otherwise has a way with animals. Most of the neighbourhood kittens come running when she calls out to her's. Of late we have been visiting our village quite often, and this was one such wonderful evening spent there. Look forward to more of such visits, than jostling through hordes of sweaty people at the mall on weekends!


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