KAMBALA '15: A Glimpse

Kambala is a rural sport indigenous to coastal Kanara and northern most parts of Kerala (quite different to Jallikattu, that's popular in Tamil Nadu). Recently it's been in the news as many petitioners have sought a ban on events involving animals. Debatable issue I think. Cruelty to animals is not acceptable at all, but then a lot of other things need to be stopped as well. Posting one photograph here of a race from this season. I shall write a detailed post on this year's season later.

Read also: A detailed article with photographs of a Kambala race held in Mulki on Christmas the year before the last, and also a post on the protest that took place against banning Kambala in Mangalore city. 


  1. Awesome captured. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Some excitement indeed at the cost of the poor animal. May be we can equate it to horse racing. Great pic.

    1. Hmm, cruelty to the animal should not be allowed at any cost. Thanks Indrani!


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