Seven Pearls of Nature

There is this 'Nature Challenge' being passed around on FB, and I was a part of it too. One has to put up pictures based on nature for seven straight days (after all, seven is a magically powerful number too!). I'd decided to go with the sub-theme of 'Mountains, Rivers, & Countrysides', and these were the ones I chose. 
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#1 - Mt. Everest in all its splendour. This was taken from the aircraft. It was a long flight from Bangalore to Bagdogra via Delhi, and most of us were quite bored. The pilot suddenly announced and asked everyone to look out of the window. We were lucky as the day was very clear. There was a hushed silence, and then a few claps- everyone was thrilled to see the world's highest peak! It's the one right in the centre, not covered by snow. It definitely was a wonderful experience! :) 
#2 - Sunrise over the Ganges. This was on a trip to Haridwar about three years ago. This trip is special as I started this blog as a travel journal after that particular vacation. Watching the sunrise straight from the balcony in the morning chill, by the mighty river is an experience I can't quite describe.
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#3 - Mt. Kangchenjunga. What a beauty. Need not write more. 
#4 - Dal Lake, Kashmir. One could float for hours on a Shikara, and not get bored. This was taken on one such evening. We were hoping to catch the sunset, but it was too cloudy and we thought we were unlucky. Till such sights started unfolding slowly. It was summer and the days were very long. Great evening!
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#5 - Harvest '15. Fruit of my Uncle's hard work- our paddy fields behind the ancestral house. This was the fourth day of Dusshera when a simple ceremony is held in the house there to celebrate the new harvest of the season. The monsoons were weak last season, and everyone was worried about the crop. The rains caught up, albeit late. And the harvest was less compared to the year before.
(See more macro shots, HERE)  
#6 - Sunset by the Jhelum. We stayed in Rajbagh on our trip to Kashmir, and we'd go for long evening walks. This was taken from the Abdullah Bridge that came up after the Zero bridge was damaged. The road is lined by chinar trees and the pathway is beautiful.
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#7 - Clouds loom large over the countryside. Again a picture shot in my village, on a very humid day at the beginning of the monsoons. I like the contrast of the three basic colors here. 
(For more monsoon shots, click HERE)

Would you like to take up the Nature Challenge too?


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