Steamed Happiness

EXIF: 43.0 mm; 1/8s; f/5.0; ISO 800

Let's begin the year with something sweet! This is a photograph of a patholi in making (pre-steaming). Patholi is a steamed sweet made on special or auspicious occasions; this was on Chauti (Ganesh Chaturti) day at my village. It's simple yet extremely tasty- just batter filled with a jaggery based filling with aromatic spices, wrapped and steamed in turmeric leaves, which add a wonderful flavour to it. And what made this particular edition all the more tasty, was the fact that it was made by my great Aunt in the village- this lends an extra warmth to it. And yea, does the red oxide floor add some extra authenticity to it?


  1. Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  2. Happy new year. And it seems to be a nice dish.:)

    1. Thank you Kaushal, wishing you a great year as well!

  3. I love it..I can polish them off in a blink of an eye :)


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