The Year That Was: a Mash-Up!

So there goes another year. And the clichéd expression to sum it up- Oh my, the year went by so fast! For me personally, the year that's passed by has been a very crucial one. Something that I dreamt of in grade 10 and strove hard to make it happen finally came true, I could finally write the two letters ‘M.D’ after my name. Sounds cool right? (Hope I don’t sound too pompous)

It has been a year in which I've studied and learnt the maximum. The first quarter just seemed to disappear, I’d been so busy. And it was a scary phase too. Every now and then nasty thoughts seemed to claw their way into my head, the most frequent one being would I fail? What was my back-up plan if I did? And at one point of time the monsters in my head got so wild, I just shut my books for the day (and said F this $#!). Eventually this (un)forgettable phase got over, the results were announced and all was well. This has been one of the best thing about 2015.

Travel-wise, it has been a low (a major one if I may say so). I realised last week that I hadn't even entered an airport for a year now! However, we did go on quite a few short road-trips around home-town, and two longer ones. Which is why I prefer to call it the year of road-trips. And each road-trip has taught us something useful. Some of them didn't go as planned. Things were not what they seemed, especially nowhere close to the striking, tailored photographs online. There would be continuous bicker sometimes. But in the end, everything fell in place.

I've learnt a few lessons for life, and hope to carry them with me. Incidents like the Chennai disaster have been eye-openers, something that every individual can learn something from. Some experiences have been extremely positive, and have taught me that hard work and doing good, pays. The effects may not be seen immediately, but will definitely not go unrewarded. Patience is the key. As I wrote earlier, there have been some stab-in-the-back moments as well. But ultimately things have been set right some way or the other, and all's been well!

Old friendships have been strengthened, distances and time-zone differences do not matter I've realised. New friendships have been forged too. One of the best parts of the year arrived at almost the very end. A close relative who I only knew about through my Grandma but had never met before, somehow managed to track us all down, after a gap of more than thirty years. We spent a great time over lunch together. Also, thanks to them another lost connection was re-established; it was quite emotional for my Grandma to talk to her cousin 
over phone across the Atlantic after many many years, especially as it was the first time ever she was talking on an international call ;) On the flip-side, a few lessons on trust and how to destroy old friendships have also been learnt.

Finally the last quarter of the year has also been the phase when I re-launched this space again, after more than two years of irregular posting. Thanks to some wonderful blogging fora that I discovered, I began to enjoy writing more and more, and also connected with many wonderful bloggers from different regions. And that is one of my aims for this year, to post regularly.

All in all, it has been an eventful year. I have a few goals for this year, including picking up lost interests, reading more and writing often.

*And I promise this will be the last post on what I learnt from 2015!

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  1. Taking stock, introspection and a mental spring's so important for a purpose driven life . Otherwise our life might as well be a 'kati patang'...

    1. True. After all there's only so much space in our brains!


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