Reis Magos Church

EXIF: 43.0mm; 1/250s; f/10.0; ISO 100

Pictured here is the Reis Magos Church, Nerul, Goa.
This was taken on our trip to Goa last August. This was supposed to be the time it rains hard, but we were disappointed as there were hardly any rains. It was as sunny as ever, and quite humid. One particular day, we decided to visit the Reis Magos Fort impromptu. On reaching there we realised the place is closed on Mondays (reason enough to go to Goa once again). We parked the vehicle and tried to walk around a bit, but decided it was not the best of times to do so- it was simply too hot for that. We then simply drove around the laid-back little villages, where everything seemed to slow down a bit. It was really very pretty, and very green. The drive to this part of the city is picturesque, and the view from the fort is supposed to be very beautiful too. Definitely worth a visit if one has an extra day to spare, or in my opinion, I'd rate this a notch above the noisy, crowded beaches!

How to get there: From Panjim one has to cross the Mandovi bridge, take an immediate left and follow the road along the course of the Mandovi. Alternatively, one can take the ferry from Panjim too.
Days open: All except Mondays


  1. Reminds me of my trip to Goa very long time ago! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, hope you visit this lovely place again, soon!

  2. Goa, always brings to mind -party, drinks, noise. How could I forget churches, beaches, people , food and a perennial undercurrent of Portugal (or should I call it Konkani) hospitality :)

    1. Very much Konkani, Bhavani! True, there's so much more to Goa than what's always glorified!

  3. This is not Three Kings' Church. It is Reis Magos church I think.

    1. I confused the three wise men and hence the goof up. Thanks for the correction, Indrani! :)


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