Harper Lee, You'll Continue To Live On...

I woke up this morning to posts on FB about Harper Lee passing away. One might say she was old, she's lived her life, etc. But then when someone of such calibre, be it an artist or an author is no more (especially if it's your favorite), one does feel a certain sense of emptiness. And that's exactly what I felt like. Scout Finch came to my mind in a rush, followed by Atticus, Jem and Boo Radley. 

Lee was one of her kind, of her generation. She didn't make an effort to sell her books by doing silly things many new age writers are guilty of today. The story flowed effusively. Technically, there was no real plot at all. She just followed the life of a young tomboyish girl (modelled on herself) over her growing up years. Yet she got us hooked. And created a masterpiece in American literature she never meant to in the first place. She never expected the book to be a success, let alone a best-seller. She went on to win the Pulitzer prize. The book almost attained holy status for its take on racial discrimination, so prevalent in those times. And Atticus inspired, and continues to inspire so many people, particularly students of law. 

And for this, Harper Lee, you shall continue to live on. Atticus will continue to inspire many young people. Scout will continue to amuse us with her antics, and she will never grow up in our minds. 
Harper Lee, you'll continue to live on...

Sharing here are my five favourite bits from both her books:

1.) 'I wish Bob Ewell wouldn't chew tobacco,'
      ~Atticus Finch, in response to Ewell spitting on his face. (TKAM)
2.) "Dear Mr. Tuffett. They look like mine,"
     ~One of the 500-odd who girls signed a letter to the school headmaster. (GSAW)
3.) 'It's not time to worry.'
     ~Atticus' reassuring words to Scout, every time she'd worry. 
4.) 'Every man's island, Jean Louise, every man's watchman, is his conscience.'
     ~Dr. Jack Finch, to Jean Louise. (GSAW)
5.) 'Hey, Boo,' I said.
     ~The first words Scout says to Boo Radley when she finally meets him. (TKAM)

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Picture sourced from HERE. Follow this link to The Guardian to read a piece that suggests Lee might have written a third book too!


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