Heritage Houses

Houses like these are increasingly becoming difficult to find, either due to renovation, or sometimes these houses are demolished to make way for broader roads. One particular area in the town of Mulki still has plenty of these houses, lining both sides of the road. Sharing a set of three photographs here.

The first one is where my maternal grand-aunt used to stay. The outer facade serves the purpose of being a gate-like entrance to the house, and also, the verandah is a nice place to sit every evening. Observing people going by their routine day-to-day activities, calling out to neighbours and exchanging pleasantries, sharing that juicy bit of gossip, etc. are some common pass-times of village folk. Driving by the house last December brought back memories of having visited her a couple of times many years ago.

Hoping that in the days to come, along with development of such small towns, some attention is also paid to try and retain the heritage and the inherent qualities of each town. Else we'll be left with nothing but ugly-looking concrete jungles, each town appearing the same!


  1. awesome... reminded me of our houses in my home town :-)
    Cheers, Archana - www.travelwitharchie.com

    1. Thanks Archie. Many such houses have already started disappearing slowly.

  2. Yes , hope they are retained.
    Such heritage should be preserved.

  3. Beautiful house...I am reminded of sweet childhood memories :) Certainly, I too strongly feel this heritage needs to be preserved. Lest we will turn into one big lego world, at least architecturally.

  4. beautiful...reminds me of my Gramma and grampiz place :)


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