Chinese Fishing Nets, Kochi

This was taken at Fort Cochin, and depicts the Chinese fishing nets (Cheena Vala). These contraptions are fashioned in a way, wherein the nets are dipped in the water for sometime, and then pulled up by the combined efforts of six to eight men. At sunset, the setting is perfect to get a few neat pictures of the locale, as I did that evening.


  1. Perfect Sunset Picture Priyanka

  2. Nice capture, the cloud has made the sunset more beautiful.perfect timing to shot.
    btw, did chinese discover this types of nets?

    1. No one knows exactly. It is believed they were introduced first by the traders who learnt the technique from China; it might have been the Portuguese also!

  3. Beautifully composed and shot!

  4. Beautiful fishing nets. Reminds me of my visit to this place.


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