Green & Gold!

The Someshwar rainforest is a protected wildlife sanctuary that spreads across Udupi and Shimoga districts of Karnataka. The forest is thick and quite dark in places. While driving through one such spot, the sight of sunlight filtering through the thick canopy of vegetation, looked very pretty. 

Also, the air was fresh especially since it seemed to have rained the previous night, and there were loud calls of birds from the jungle. If in the region sometime, a drive through the area to Agumbe through the winding ghat roads that follow, is highly recommended. 

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  1. The sunlight straining through the vegetation is looking lovely. Well captured, Priyanka.

    1. Only a part of the beauty is reflected here Bushra. Thank you :)

  2. Beautiful Priyanka; where exactly does this belt come?

    1. This is beyond Manipal, once you cross a town named Hebri; the foliage steadily increases till there are protected forests on both sides of the road.


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