Sunset by the River

Nandini river or more populary known as Pavanje river, runs at the northern edge of Mangalore, and finally joins the Arabian Sea. At Pavanje (about 18 km north of Mangalore), the backwater of the river is situated right by the national highway 17. At dusk, the fields by the river offer a good view of the sunset. I'm not sure who the fields belong to- for all I know, we might have been trespassing!  

Sharing a set of three photographs here.

(Find more pictures of the sky from across the globe, HERE)
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  1. lovely pictures! Happy Holi Piyu :-) <3

  2. beautiful and soothing pictures. much needed

    1. Thank you! As you said, such breaks are definitely needed with today's pace of things!

  3. Beautiful views by the riverside. Great shots.

  4. What divine beauty echoed in the smart capture:)

  5. Wonderful photos!
    You may like to share them in the Saturday Silhouettes meme:


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