Those Hands...

'Tis the tamarind season. We have a huge tree in the front yard of our ancestral home, which yields a lot of fruit every year. However the work involved is too much. The tamarind pods first have to be carefully peeled, taking care not to hurt oneself. The peeled fruit is then dried very well, as it has to last for a long time. Following this, it is de-seeded. It is then salted, mashed into a big ball of thick, paste-like consistency, and stored in earthen jars. The seeds when roasted, are quite tasty. Pictured here is the first step of removing the outer shells. My grand Aunt and her daughter-in-law did a fantastic job of it, and gave us enough tamarind to last for at-least a year!  


  1. This is a very arduous task, you bet. But certainly it ensures imli, as we call it, will last longer. Lucky have a caring Aunt who's got an imli tree at her place.

    1. Yes, lot of strenuous work. Touchwood, to Grand-aunt. Thanks Bushra!

  2. Such dexterous hands! Lovely capture. Can only imagine how tough work it should be. But should be an amazing feeling though.

  3. wow... this reminds me of my school days :D

  4. How lucky you are to have such a caring aunt...I'm sure the imli tree is doing wonders on you :-P

  5. Wow, loved this post. Takes me back to childhood where we had a big tamarind tree and the stories behind this tamarind tree.

  6. summer memories....whenever I visited my Grandmum's town for summer; I would look forward to mangoes and a sweet/sour toffee made by my uncles, pounding together tamarind and jaggery...yum


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