Is a Blogger Accountable?

This is one question that always crops up when we talk about blogging. From a full-time job, to a stress-buster, blogging can mean different things to different people. However, one issue is common to every blogger- is she/he accountable? If so, to whom? Why? 

What with the MSM taking up the role of playing court, most TV anchors now appear to be playing the role of a judge. They deliver verdicts, not news. Not to mention spreading so much of negativity around. A murder is glorified, acts of charity are not. The melodrama is nauseating. Even newspapers seem to have joined this bandwagon. Which is why, slowly but steadily, people are turning to alternate sources of information. 

This is where a blog comes into the picture. So if a blogger takes up the role of the news anchor, and continues spewing venom, isn't the negativity still being spread? Yes. But is he wrong? No. That's the most vital point. He has the freedom to do so. And that's the beauty of blogging. You can get your thoughts out, as long as you aren't hurting anyone else's thoughts and beliefs, and as long as it's not personal slander. A reader should be able to decide what he wants to read; what and how much he wants to believe. He cannot hold a blogger responsible for influencing his thinking. The recent acts of bloggers being murdered in Bangladesh are condemnable. No one, I repeat, no one has the right to kill someone else, if their thoughts don't match. Such acts just show the level of insecurity and intolerance in these people. 

So where does one draw the line? Quite difficult, I agree. Well, my thoughts on this matter are not black and white, but instead a deep shade of grey. Am I accountable? Yes. To whom? To whoever reads what's put here. Why? I claim no authority on the subject anyway? That does not matter. Finally, I'm accountable to myself. Period.

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  1. It's a very subjective question. Differs from blogger to blogger, and from post to post.

    1. Exactly, which is why a blogger is accountble, but a reader should think for himself.

  2. Hmm...I agree with Kishore. This is very subjective...but readers discretion is always advised :)

  3. Honesty to oneself is the line for every writer, I believe.

  4. Blogging bears some responsibility but then its the readers who decide for themselves. Like every other media. Good post.


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