Son of the Soil

This picture was shot while driving through a quaint village in Hassan district. Sights like these are pretty common in the belt. The region is blessed with rich fertile soil, making it one of the main regions feeding the state. Thanks to many farmers like him, we have food on our plate. Grateful!


  1. Very rightly said, Priyanka.. Jai Kisan!

  2. Good one. I clicked same theme picture as well only angle is diff Here :

  3. Lovely image and very well said Piyu!

  4. A rare sight now due mechanisation

  5. Yes, it's true that only because of them we have food on our plate. But along with that we can't deny the alarming conditions of farmers in India.

  6. Glad to see this - someone in the blog world remembering the humble farmer.

  7. Feel sad for the farmers with this weather condition. I remember a decade back the condition was much better while pre monsoon rains would soften the soil and ploughing made easier. Thanks for sharing this image Priyanka. :)


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