The Barber Poses

This was during a week-long stay for an academic workshop in Chandigarh, sometime ago. As Spring had just set in, the weather was quite pleasant, and perfect for morning walks. On one such day, I spotted this man doing his job by the pavement. This sight is pretty common across the country, but I've never seen this in my hometown, which is why it was fun to wait and watch him. He later obliged for a photograph with the words, which paper will you publish this on? :)


  1. Intense expression well captured!!

    1. Thank you. The best part was him not smiling!

  2. What an intense look for paparazzi :)

  3. Good one.
    Reminds me I have one similar. :)

    1. Thanks Indrani! Perfect for your Faces of India series :)

  4. I hope his another hand is empty. And if its holding any instrument, its not moving while you click! Poor customer :D
    Nice shot by the way.


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