View from End Point, Manipal

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Manipal is a town in coastal Karnataka (NOT in Sikkim!), about 60-odd kilometres from Mangalore (and 7 kms from Udupi). Being famous for having one of the best private universities in the country, this place has fast evolved from being a sleepy town with old-world charm, to becoming a 'happening, cool' place, with high rises dotting the skyline. However, the place also abounds in natural beauty, and it requires a drive of just a few kilometres out of the main town square to reach pretty villages, streams & backwaters, or even thick forests a little farther.

The End Point, as the name suggests, is simply the edge of the town. The view from the hill is very pretty; the sun rays glistening on the sea surface at the edge of the horizon looks beautiful. Catching the sunset from this point can be exhilarating. Also, the serpentine Swarna river, flowing to join her final destination, looks very nice as well. Sharing a set of three pictures, from an evening spent at End Point. 

(Note the Sea glistening in the distance)

How to get there: Drive past the Manipal University building, past MMMC and MCOPS, straight ahead till you see a large gate and a guard. Vehicles are not allowed beyond this point, and one has to walk roughly 2 kms to get to the edge. The walking tracks are maintained very well.
It gets very hot in the summer, so be sure to carry water bottles, and adequate sun protection.
Timings: Open for two hours each in the morning and evening.

(This is a part of Skywatch, where you can find many more beautiful pictures of the sky)


  1. The colours in the last photo are beautiful!

    1. Thank you Marleen, the evening was indeed very pretty.

  2. Very interesting name to the place.

  3. It must be a great sight with verdant landscape and beautiful sky up above. Lovely captures, Priyanka!

    1. It is, but it is really hot too. Late evenings are slightly better though. Thanks Bushra :)

  4. Similar Point is there in Ooty Hills too.. The Top Point.. Beautiful Photographs.. A good Post!

  5. The last picture was mesmerising!

    Loved the last bit about timings :)

    1. Thanks Magiceye, I learnt it the hard way when I first went there on an afternoon!


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