Forty Shades of Pink!

On my trip to Kashmir, one of the things that struck me through the trip was the varied colours of flowers, in the various Mughal Gardens across the place. There were simply so many. Amongst the different colours, I liked the various hues of pink the most. I had never been a fan of photographing flowers in macro, but on seeing the stunning colours, I went berserk! 
With floral prints making a comeback this summer, sharing a set of photographs, what I've dubbed, Forty Shades of Pink!


  1. I would have lost count! Amazing varieties!
    Would love to see in real some day!

  2. Forty... hmmm... count. count .count... :)
    Nice clicks.

  3. Beautiful pictures..its so calming to see flowers.

  4. These are pictures that give joy to the heart, such a pleasure to see them! Loved the script 'Forty shades of pink' in that varying shades of pink font colour.

    1. Thank you Darshana, the script I hope doesn't look too cliched!

  5. brilliant... simply brilliant... :-)


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