Sky Fall!

I found myself longing for monsoons, and posted a few pictures from last year, yesterday. Well, it looks like peoples' prayers are being heard, and today we found dark clouds gathering slowly. I shot these pictures a few minutes ago; the sky looked so pretty from my balcony, I immediately rushed up to the terrace. What a clash of colours in the sky!
Continuing with my Forty Shades series, here are a few photos, of the sky today. 

Forty shades of the sky!

Find more such pictures of sky from across the world, HERE

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  1. WOW! Sky is colorful, dramatic and beautiful. Gorgeous captures.

  2. Barasne ki taiyari...good timing, very nice shots.

  3. Too much colors! but not the usual ones! nice clicks.

    1. Yea, the mash of colours was unique that evening. Thank you!

  4. Beautiful shots. Hope we have healthy monsoon this year.


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