Rituals: How Much is Too Much?

Rituals & Beliefs (plus superstitions). Do this on a Saturday. Don't do this on a Tuesday. Don't get admitted to the hospital on a Monday, you'll never get cured. Does all this really make sense? This is a very debatable issue, which is why I will not be judgemental. As is my firm belief, to each his own. After all, it's all about viewing the issue from different angles. It's all a matter of perspective.

Each person is free to practise what he/she feels is right. They can visit the temple on whichever day of the week they feel like. They can stick to satvik aahaar on auspicious days. They can get their horoscopes read as and when they please. They can do whatever they intend to, as long as they don't interfere and thrust their beliefs on someone else. Personal beliefs should not be compelled on anyone else. And this is where the problem starts in our country. People seem to think they have the thinking and decision-making power for somebody else. 

Every belief or ritual that's practised in our country cannot simply be dismissed as being a mere superstition. There might even be some scientific explanation for a few of them, which might have been lost over the centuries. I'm not justifying the many blind beliefs people have, but then as I mentioned earlier, to each his own. Sometimes, I even feel this belief is the force that drives so many people. It gives them immense strength to face obstacles. As long as an individual follows these rituals, it is okay. But as soon as such beliefs seep out and pervade into another's space, it is a cause for worry. I know of people who get their horoscopes read at the drop of a hat, and are advised elaborate rituals to appease God, spirits, and snakes! And they are free to do that. At the same time, if these people try to do this so-called "social service" for others- that's not acceptable. 

So, my take on this subject is plain and simple. Each one is free to do whatever he/she pleases, as long as the next person's space is not invaded. After all, this is a free country! 
Which brings me to the question, how much is too much?

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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  1. As long as my nose doesn't cross the other person's habitat, rituals are ok :) That's fine, I guess. Why should my neighbour bother if I choose to worship a potato every morning as long as my chanting hymns to potato doesn't cross the prescribed decibels?

    1. Haha, exactly! As long as you don't throw the potato at your neighbour for not worshipping it! :)

  2. You very much brought out the right point here, Priyanka.. Nicely said!


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