Bhagsunag, Dharamshala

On our whirlwind trip to Dharmashala, one day early in the morning we went to the Bhagsunag temple there. The vistas that unfolded were splendid, with the sky throwing up different patterns and shades by the minute. A friendly 'paw-shaking' canine was also around. And watching the rising sun light up the place felt wonderful.

For more such pictures of the sky from across the world, CLICK HERE!


  1. Loved the Ganesh murti :-) lovely temple...

  2. Nice pictures... i have been to Dharamshala.. did not know about Bhagsunag.. thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Nice pics! I remember there's a wonderful waterfall there...

  4. Dharamshala is a very beautiful place to explore. I went there a year ago but I didn't heard about Bhagsunag. But in my next visit I'll try for Bhagsunag ☺

  5. the sunrise pictures looks so cool :)

  6. Amazing pictures. Dharamshal is beautiful place for summers.....

  7. Worth visiting!
    Loved the captures.

  8. thanks for the virtual tour :) beautiful pics..very well captured (even the charm of the place is captured in your pics).


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