Monsoon Magic!

Monsoons bring out the best of nature. Everything around turns lush green. And on those rare days when the sun shines through the clouds, the green looks glamorous! Sharing a set of pictures taken during our last monsoon trip to Goa. This was shot by the national highway 17 between Panaji and Madgaon, when we were driving to Martin's Corner for lunch.

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  1. Yes this green blanket is soothing!

  2. mera hara bhara desh.. Beautiful

  3. There is nothing more beautiful than nature :)

  4. Missing Goa, this Monsoon.. Martins Corner too.. :( My memories of last Monsoon:

  5. Beautiful Photographs of Greenery of Goa.. The entire Journey from Londa to Vasco is truly a feast to the eyes of a traveler.. A nice Post, Priyanka!

  6. Beautiful and picturesque.

  7. Very nice post Priyanka! The pics complimenting well to the greenery of Goa and monsoon just adds a flavour to it. Great start to the monsoon series. Looking forward for more from Goa from your bucket ☺ ☺

  8. I just love photographing nature in monsoons :) it's so pretty!! Like your pictures all luxuriant with greens!!
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