The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins

Writing a book review after a really long time. I did read a few in the past months, but the number of books that I'd hoped to read by mid-year is much less than what I have, owing to various reasons.

I finished this book today, and boy, what a thriller! This one is an un-put-downable crime thriller.
No spoilers ahead, I wouldn't want to spoil the fun for anyone.

What it is about: 
Rachel, a single woman, catches a train every morning. She simply enjoys the whole process. En-route London, she knows every detail about every house the train passes by. Infact, she enjoys looking at the houses, building stories in her head about the residents, and imagining their lives, which she feels, is perfect and how it should be.

Until one fateful day. She sees something in the fraction of a second that the train passes by a particular house, the residents of which she has named Jess and Jason, the perfect, in-love couple. She cannot believe what she has seen. And now she wants to know more. Following this incident, things begin to get murky, and things spiral from one thing to the next! 

My thoughts:
The novel is narrated from the point of view of Rachel, and two other characters. The narration is quick and colloquial- very much like the rush of thoughts that race through any of our minds at times. The plot thickens as the story unravels, and till the last page there is a surprise thrown at you. I enjoyed reading. 
The movie based on the book will be out this year. Anyone who has read the book, will wait to see how well Rachel and other characters' emotions have been brought out on screen.

This is a must read.

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  1. Planning to read :P Thanks for sharing

  2. the plot thickens !!!! why are you keeping us in suspense? why didnt you reveal it? lazy nature is rebelling at the thought of reading a book :p


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