Summer is Here!

The thought of impending summer is giving me a nightmare. It is so hot and humid already in Mangalore. Thinking of what the coming months have in store is quite scary! How I wish it'd rain a bit, cooling the parched surroundings. As of now, I can only go through old pictures taken during the monsoon, and look longingly at the overcast sky. Sharing a few pictures here that were taken during the late monsoon in September, while driving through, you guessed it right, my favorite place, Goa

The paddy fields glistened in the sunlight, with myriad hues of green. The dark clouds forming the background only added to the beautiful vista offered.

Tips for the summer:
*Drink lots of fluid, not just water, as electrolyte replacement in the body is vital
*Avoid going out in the peak daytime heat. However, if your job requires you to do so, make sure your body is covered, and you apply sunscreen on the exposed areas
*Wear light cottons, avoid anything that'll make your sweat stick to the body
*Shower twice or thrice to avoid fungal skin infections
*And finally, eat lots of mangoes! It's not everyday that you get fresh Hapus Aam! :)

Have a bright cheerful Summer,


  1. Beautiful pics, very eye soothing. Nice tips also.

  2. Dear PK, kindly do send over the delicious item that you mention here to the the photo thread that you know quite well, even whats for lunch may do!! ;)
    And now I know whom to blame for reigniting the Goa cravings.. :)

    Lovely photos.


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