Nimrah Cafe & Bakery

Anyone who's ever walked around the Charminar at Hyderabad would know how crowded the area is. The mornings are pretty quiet, as most shops around the area selling bangles, pearls and trinkets remain open way late into the night. The crowd usually starts building from late afternoon onwards.

So what does one do when he/she is tired walking around? Nothing to beat Chai and Biskut! There are many cafes and stalls selling wonderful smelling Chai. We had decided that a visit to Nimrah Cafe was warranted, and we weren't disappointed. This place is located right outside Charminar, and is ALWAYS crowded. It looks like people just keep flowing into and out of the cafe. Despite the heavy crowd, the service is impeccable. 

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We were standing outside the place, wondering whether to go or give this place a skip looking at the crowd (after all it's just tea!), when the person in charge immediately got a counter cleared for us. Two cups of tea arrived, with a plate of assorted biscuits. I liked the sugar-less variety more than the regular one, which was a tad too sweet for my liking. The biscuits were crisp, fresh and yummy. In particular I loved the Osmania biscuits dipped in tea. 

As I was clicking away (a habit that my dad finds annoying), the owner Mr. Aslam approached me asking if I'm a journalist. He invited me inside to specially click a new batch of Oat biscuits fresh from the oven, and even agreed to pose for me. And no, I was not offered free cookies for writing about them.
When in Hyderabad, you would definitely visit the Charminar area. I'd like to add, that your visit is incomplete, if you don't stop for Chai at Nimrah!


P.S: Thanks to a large drop of rain that fell on my filter as we rushed into the cafe, the pictures of the cookies and Mr. Aslam, are both blurred.

Location: Beside Macca Masjid, Charminar
Phone: 040-24564909, 9848569593, 9848089343
Email: nimrahcafe&


  1. Best tea and biscuits. Our visit and chat with Mr. Aslam here


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