Bhaskareswar Temple

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Moving on with the Temple Trail series, I now move on to the Bhaskareswar Temple, located a stone's throw away from the Rajarani Temple. We hired a 'line' autorickshaw to get here from there.
This is a Shiva temple, and enshrines a large shivling. People believe that the linga grows everyday. What sets it apart from the other temples is the conspicuous absence of the Jagamohana, typical of Odishan temples. Even the vimana (gopura) is not like the other temples, and is slightly different in shape. A lion sits on the very top.
On the external walls are carved various Gods and Goddesses, to whom prayers are offered. A nandi sits facing the temple, guarding his Lord. The carvings on the external walls are not as elaborate as the other temples, and other smaller shrines do not exist around the temple. A theory even suggests that this originally wasn't built to be a temple. 

Do stop at this place, if only for fifteen minutes. Relax in the large courtyard and take in some fresh air. 

Bhaskareswar Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha


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