Diwali along the Coast

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Another Deepavali went by. As always, it was a beautiful week, despite all the issues we faced, such as not being able to get leave, rains, change of plans, etc.

This year was special as it was my first Deepavali post-marriage. Owing to various commitments, we could not celebrate it entirely the traditional way, but we did try and make the best of the time we got to spend together. We had the traditional Aarti 'shown' to us by my Dad and favourite Aunt who takes my Mom's place. The usual Diwali lunch with fish curry and fry did not happen, but we did substitute by gorging on some yummy kebabs and kulfis at Barbeque Nations.

One thing I look forward to every year is painting new diyas for the occasion. Lighting up these diyas all around our home along with my Mum-in-law was fun. Amidst all the brouhaha on burning crackers, my husband and I suddenly decided to burst crackers to get the 'feel' of Diwali. It has been more than fifteen years since I've touched a sparkler or a flower pot! What made this week special was that we celebrated Diwali together at three different places, starting at our temporary home at Ernakulam, followed by my maternal home Mangalore, culminating at my husband's home at Honavar.  And that is the reason why this post is named, 'Diwali along the Coast'. 

Sharing a few photographs here. 
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