Fields by the Sea: Apsarakonda

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I shot this picture at Apsarakonda beach, in Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka. Apsarakonda in Kannada translates to mean a pond where divine damsels (Apsaras) take bath. Located about 5 km short of Honnavar town, this is a beautiful locale situated right by the sea. What amazes me is the proximity of the rich rice fields to the sea- doesn't the salinity affect the crop?

The best time to visit would be late evening just before sunset, as one can sit and enjoy the view from the view point on the hill, with the evening breeze kissing your nose. It's not heavily crowded either.

From the view point, a short walk via a nicely cut out flight of steps takes you straight to the beach. Alternatively, one can directly drive down to the beach itself after enjoying the view from the viewpoint, as walking back up after sunset would be scary.

The beach is virgin. Very few people frequent this place. We spent a long time here just sitting next to each other, taking in the fresh salty breeze on Diwali day. Sharing a few photographs here (taken on two different occasions).

My nephew frolicking in the water

How to get there: On the NH 66 (formerly NH 17), take a detour toward the sea about 5 km before Honnavar town. A rickety board indicates the path. You could just stop and ask local people, they'd be more than ready to help.

This isn't a typical beach, where you'd find stalls selling food etc. Make sure you take water and sunscreen with you. The crowd is sparse and it gets pitch dark after sunset, so it's advisable to either go in a larger group, else return back soon after sunset.


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