Planning the BIG Day- Part 1

So there. This is a series I'd planned more than a year ago when I had begun to plan my own wedding. A simple search will throw up hundreds of search results on this topic, especially in the last few years, as the 'wedding market' has seen a huge boom! 

Various events which a few years ago were unheard of such as a pre-wedding cocktail party, pool party, or a fancy pre-engagement, pre-whatever photo shoot, have now become the norm. Talking of photo shoots, wedding photography is another separate area. So amidst all this and the societal pressure to live up to expectations or 'status', the whole idea of planning a wedding can get overwhelming. 

So what does one do? I did go through it all, but thanks to advance planning and some wise decisions (all thanks to Dad), the entire phase was a memorable one, and I did enjoy every bit of it. Which is why I'd decided back then, once I get back to my routine and start writing again, I would definitely put up all the ideas, tips and tricks that I followed.

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1) Plan Early! It is never too early to plan. Though we had exactly six months to the wedding, it did get a little hectic towards the end.

2) Lists, lists, and more lists! Use technology, use excel sheets and make multiple sheets to sort out guests. I had three main ones (one each for my Dad's guest, my then fiance's guests, and my guests- subdivided into school friends, college friends, workplace, neighbors, the list goes on). Save it on cloud so that you can make modifications on the go, as and when you remember it.

3) Wedding Diary never gets old. This one is a must for all the things apart from guest lists alone- Shopping lists, things to do, budget- you name it. And make sure you preserve it to have a look after many years.

4) Budget! This is one thing that is more often than not, overshot. It is wise to fix a budget before you begin any activity related to the wedding. Lets face it, though we'd like to have a grand celebrity style wedding, it isn't practical. However with meticulous planning, you can still have a decent cozy affair with the resources you can spare.

5) Venue! Depending on where you hail from, certain wedding halls/hotels are in high demand, and may be taken for months together. So I suggest this is THE first thing that needs to be done, right after the dates have been finalised.

6) Shopping- never bored of it! The part that I enjoyed the maximum. Again, fix your budget, else you'll end up spending way more than what you planned to.

7) Sew it up! Make sure you find a good dress designer/tailor well in advance.

8) Getting Dolled up. A good make up artist is in high demand, and hence advance booking is needed. Also, all the various procedures you want to undergo for that perfect bridal glow.

9) Jewellery. Need I say more.

10) Say Cheese! Photographers are in high demand, make sure you book yours as early as possible.

11) Inviting folks! Beware, this is where controversies arise. Take utmost care to not miss out anyone.

12) Packing. Pack for the wedding day, post-wedding, the holiday, etc. Make sure you don't miss out on vital stuff.

These are broad areas around which my upcoming posts on this topic will be centred. Am I missing anything? 
Keep watching this space for more.



  1. Belated Congratulations on getting married!! Wish you both a wonderful, joyous time together!


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