Car Festival, Sri Venkataramana Temple, Mangalore

I had written earlier about Sri Venkataramana Temple, Carstreet, Mangalore. On Rathasaptami day, in the month of Magha (which falls in Jan-Feb), the yearly Car festival or 'Kodial Theru' is celebrated, which marks the celebration of the marriage of Lord Vishnu with his consort, Goddess Padmavati (Bhudevi). 

The day begins with abhishek, where the idols are placed with minimum flowers and jewellery. This sight is looks very graceful
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The abhishek goes on throughout the day, and the idols are brought out in a decorated golden palanquin to ascend the brightly decorated 'Car' in red and white flags and flowers. The heavy bejewelled idols are carried up carefully by the chief priest.
Pooja, offerings and prayers go on up till midnight. Meanwhile, delicious prasad is served in the temple complex, and devotees throng to have it; it consists of black gram curry with raw jackfruit (chane ghashi, kadgi ghalnu), Ash gourd curry (kuvale pulli koddel), rice with rasam and dal (dali toy), dessert (godshe). The Car is then pulled by the devotees, fireworks follow, following which the Car is pulled back. The idols are taken inside, and the closing Pooja ceremonies are held, which go on late into the night, rather early morning. And everyone gears up for the colorful 'Vokkuli' to be held the next day.

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