Crab Curry/ Kurle Ambat

It's been quite a while since I've put up a recipe here. I've been learning to cook since quite some time, and I'm still learning- as I believe one can never say, I have learnt everything there is to cook- there are simply so many new things!

This one is a traditional recipe handed down from mother to daughter since generations, and I learnt this from Grand Mom. It's a very simple recipe, yet very tasty. Owing to the minimal use of spices, one can appreciate the flavour of the crabs distinctly. Actually, this is true for all typical GSB recipes, as each one employs a few spices, specific to each type of fish, to bring out the best taste.

1) Wash the crab thoroughly, taking care not to let the flesh wither out. Once done, add turmeric powder (antiseptic) and salt, mix well, and set aside.

2) Chop a large onion into fine bits, make two portions (2/3rd and 1/3rd)

Crab cut and mixed with turmeric and salt

For the Masala (measure for 1 kg crab):
Grated Coconut: 3/4th of a whole
Short red chillies, roasted: 13-16
Long red chillies, roasted: 3-5 (optional; mainly for colour)
Tamarind: small lump
Coriander seeds: 1.5 teaspoon, slightly roasted

Grind all the above ingredients into a fine masala

Bring the masala to boil along with the larger portion of finely chopped onions. Once it's heated enough, slowly add the crabs and boil. Then continue heating it on a medium-low flame. 
The crabs turning orange-ish is an indication of the crabs being cooked properly. You can also look at the colour of flesh which should turn completely opaque.
Take the curry off the gas and set aside.
Seasoning: Roast the remaining finely chopped onions nicely, till they turn dark brown to almost blackish, in coconut oil. Add it to the curry. 

Cover and let it stay for at-least 45 minutes, which will help the aroma and flavours to mix and set well.

*Best relished with hot steamed rice
*Tastes best when cooked in an earthen vessel
Have a look at the video I shot just before the final seasoning. 

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  1. Looks yumm. I have never made it with coconut. Must try this.


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