Muktesvara Temple, Bhubaneswar

Moving on from the Brahmeswar Temple, Muktesvar Temple is acclaimed as a 'gem of Odishan architecture' and belongs to the 10th century AD. As a board erected at the entrance rightly claims, this has to be one of the most refined temples in Bhubaneswar city (and Odisha at large).
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It is thought to mark the end of the previous phase of architectural style, and the start of the next phase of experimentation. The temple faces west, and consists of a rekha deul, and a pidha jagamohana (gopura). It is set on a low platform in the large area that houses the temple complex.

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As it must be obvious by now, each temple has something that sets it apart from the others. And the piece de resistance of this temple is the great arch, the mangalatorana. The mangalatorana is lavishly decorated with human figures and artistic exaggerations.
The deul (gopura) is also lavishly done in stone and is pancharatna in style. The carvings on the exterior are exquisite. There are graceful nayikas in alto-relievo, naga-nagi pillars, bhara-raksasas, elegant arabesque motifs, etc. Even the vent to let out the abhisheka water and liquids is carved to glory!
Also seen is the kritimukha motif on the southern aspect of the vimana. Kritimukha refers to a fierce swallowing face with fangs, and it means 'glorious face'. And what took me the most was a carved jali (mesh work) on all the sides.
Kritimukha motif
Jali work
Behind the temple is a huge tank, well maintained, and the sight is a beautiful one to see. 

Of all the temples that we visited on that day, we spent the maximum time here, just walking around. I'd suggest you to set aside a minimum of one hour if you plan to visit. It's just walking distance from the Parasurameswar Temple.

Source of information: Board at the temple complex


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