Body Art, Dasara

Among various customs of Tulunadu, one which I haven't yet written about in detail is Pilivesha or Tiger Dance. Men painted as tigers do a beautiful rhythmic dance to enchanting drum beats.

Often, the torso has artistic pictures amidst tiger stripes. I shot this picture during the previous Dasara at one such 'painting camp' near my home. Pictured here is the half Hanuman picture created by a Mangalore based artist named Karan Acharya that's become quite famous (Read about it on the Times of India).
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The full post on Tiger Dance is coming up soon. Meanwhile I leave you with these two videos from the Kannada movie Ulidavaru Kandanthe, that made tiger dance famous.

(Follow the link to watch on YouTube directly as it does not seem to be opening on this page)


  1. Nice.. I have some hulivesha clicks here


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