JAWS: Mega Fish @ Shringeri

What are the most common things that strike you when someone says Temple? Carvings, Pooja, priests, devotees, cows, etc. But, fish? Well, yes. The Shringeri Temple, among other things is known for the huge fish that thrive in the Tunga river that flows by the temple.
The surroundings are serene and beautiful. But in the inky waters, you can spot a few black pointed fins jutting out of the water. I was reminded of the various cartoons that I watched as a kid, wherein the sight of the fin of an approaching shark meant looming death.
The waters here house a large number of Beggar Fish. These are well fed, shiny black coloured ones, and some of them even measure over two feet!
You can find vendors selling beaten rice packets specifically meant to feed the fish. Try sprinkling a handful into the river. Within a few seconds, there will be a commotion as the fish 'fight' for the food, and the beaten rice will disappear before you know it! Watching the fish splashing about is quite an experience. 
Fishing in this river is forbidden, also please don't feed the fish non-eatable stuff. Make sure you don't miss out on spending sometime by the river on your visit to Shringeri. Children will specially love this activity.
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  1. Never knew this before. Thanks for sharing! Looks scary haa

  2. Should visit again.. haven't visited in years.


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