Today is Mahashivratri, one of the biggest, most auspicious days for a Hindu, and especially for those who follow the Shaivite way of life. Celebrations includes jaagran, bhajans, chanting prayers, fasting, meditating, etc. 

I shot these pictures at the Parmarth Niketan Ashram at Rishikesh, about 3 months before the great flood of 2013. This gigantic moorthi of Shivji sat on a platform in the Ganges, and was a beautiful sight to behold.

Later, it was this statue that came to be the face of the Uttarakhand flash floods, and the video of the furious Ganga, flowing across Shivji's neck, and eventually the statue falling over, went viral. Such is the raw fury of nature! It is poignant that the very river that takes origin from Shivji's locks, was the reason for this moorthi to be washed away! 
(CLICK HERE to watch the video on YouTube)

Is it Nature's way of telling us to take care of her, before it's too late?

Wishing you a blessed Shivratri!

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