'Statebank' Market, Mangalore

Going to the Central Market on Sundays used to be a regular affair till recently. However, once a lady opened a fresh fish 'showroom' closer home that took orders over phone, and delivered it home, cut and cleaned, ready to be cooked, the number of visits to the market dwindled, and slowly, fully stopped!

In any other city, State Bank would refer to the well known Bank in India. However, in Mangalore, Statebank is the main market area and the main bus junction of the city. So when in Mangalore, if you hear bus conductors shouting 'Statebank Statebank Statebank', please don't get puzzled!

This morning I had a craving to eat mussels (Spicy Mussels Preparation called Phanna Upkari), and unfortunately, she doesn't stock up on Mussels. Therefore we set foot into the main market after nearly a year.

Fresh Clams that we bought

And believe me when I say this, nothing has changed. And by the looks of it, nothing will change. Things were just how we'd left them more than a year ago! Ladies selling fish, calling out to you quoting their rate. The cackle in the marketplace, people haggling with the sellers for a good bargain, and yet others simply roaming about to just 'have a look around'- these are things I cannot describe fully!
Just outside the market there are ladies who sell produce fresh from their home garden. These are veggies that are truly 'organic', without the fancy label.
We bought some Clams and Malabar Spinach (as seen in the lower right corner of the above picture) to go along for a tasty curry, the recipe of which I'll post very soon.

All the memories were refreshed, and I have decided to visit these local sellers more often. It's nice to get in touch with the local folk, and feel that connection to the city where I stay!

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